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Campaign Reform

Approved Campaign Finance law that limits individual donations to $500 and a sign ordinance banning signs on public property.

Community Services

Supported I-Help for Women and One Star Fish Program, Salvation Army, Interim, and more service providers who help elderly, youth, and homeless people.  Funded renovation of condominiums at Fort Ord for homeless veterans. Worked on Community Human Services Task Force with Gathering for Women on creation of peninsula's first homeless shelter for women and families.

Covid 19 Response

Supported funding Emergency Housing Assistance to help people unable to pay rent due to Covid 19.  

Supported funding for local small businesses who didn't qualify for federal assistance in order to help keep Monterey's businesses open.

Sustainability and Environment

Voted for Monterey's ban on plastic bags, straws, and utensils. 

Supported Monterey joining Monterey Bay Community Power, which delivers 100% Carbon-free energy to our city.

Voted to acquire 100 acres of pristine land at the Old Capital site and preserving it as parks and open space.

Public Safety

Supported Monterey's adoption of the Eight Can't Wait policing policy and adoption of Community Policing model.

Supported the addition of two traffic enforcement officers.

Supported improved Fire Department response times by acquiring Airport Fire House. 

Affordable Housing

Supported the development of city property on Van Buren to build 18 affordable units for senior citizens.
Supported the renovation of Monterey Hotel on Alvarado to build 18 affordable units.
Supported rezoning on Garden Road and in downtown to encourage affordable housing and in-fill.

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