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  • Alan Haffa

City of Monterey Is Implementing Emergency Rental Assistance

Shortly after Covid 19 forced our economy to shut down, Monterey city council took action to address the impact on renters who would struggle to pay rent while being unemployed or underemployed. Keeping people housed is important both to maintaining public safety in a Pandemic as well as preventing people from falling into homelessness. Although the state's and city's eviction moratorium keeps families safely housed during the health crisis, renters are still responsible for paying back any unpaid rent. The city's Emergency Rental Assistance program is designed to help renters who lost at least 15% of their income due to Covid pay this unpaid rent and stay in their homes. This week the city issued the first checks for 15 families. If you are in need of rental assistance and live or work in the city of Monterey, please contact the city of Monterey Housing Department to find out if you qualify and how to apply.

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