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  • Alan Haffa

Compare the Candidates for Monterey City Council

The Monterey Bay Economic Partnership, a non-profit that promotes housing, hosted a candidates' forum focused mostly on housing. They asked candidates questions in advance so we could think about our ideas and you can compare the candidates in this chart. It seems to me that candidates who abstain on most of the questions owe the public straight answers about what their ideas are. "Fresh ideas" may be good but if you don't tell anyone what those ideas are before you are elected, how can we know?

I believe voters deserve to know what are we proposing before they vote for us. You may not always agree with me, but you can trust that I will listen to you, weigh the facts, and always be straight with you about what I think.

I support all proven strategies to produce affordable housing because 87% of people who work in Monterey cannot live here and commute into town, creating Carbon gas impacts and eroding quality of life for all. That housing should be focused in commercial corridors near transit and bike paths, with the added bonus of people living in walking distance of retail shopping and restaurants. This is good for business, good for the environment, and protects Monterey's unique quality of life for existing residents.

I support and have voted for eviction moratoriums during Covid 19 Pandemic because it is good for public safety to keep people housed and it is basic decency to try and help people impacted financially by the Pandemic. I also am proud to have voted for Emergency Rental Assistance for renters who have suffered economic hardship from Covid and need help paying rent.

I support education because investing in education is essential to our future and our kids deserve better so I am voting for MPC's Measure V, which will allow the college to modernize its buildings and technology. Also, a well educated city is a healthier, more sustainable, more prosperous city.

I support public ownership of water and the proposed expansion of Pure Water Monterey One rather than the overly expensive and litigious corporate plan of Cal-Am. Cal-Am's proposed desal will cost you three times as much for water as the purified water from Pure Water Monterey One.

I support Measure Y, the hotel tax because tourists are an impact on our residents and tourists should help pay for the amenities they also enjoy like our parks and streets.

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