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Dr. Alan Haffa Endorsed by Seaside Councilmember, Alex Miller

I do not have endorsements from Sacramento and D.C. politicians, but I am proud that so many local public servants at the city council and school board level have endorsed my campaign for Monterey County District 5 Supervisor. I have worked with these folks on regional and county boards and commissions, and it means a lot to have their support because these are the same boards I will serve on as your Monterey County Supervisor for District 5.

Haffa endorsed by Alex Miller
Councilmember Miller endorses Alan Haffa

After endorsing me, Councilmember Miller wrote: "Alan Haffa is one of the hardest working public servants on the peninsula. His years on the Monterey city council and dedication to the many boards he sits on, has shown his true character and leadership for our residents." Alex Miller, Seaside City Council.

Council member Miller and I both serve on Associated Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG), a regional planning board responsible for housing and transportation planning. Recently, I secured a 3 million dollar grant from the state of California through AMBAG to support Monterey's 100% affordable housing project on Madison street.

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