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Monterey City Council Propose a 2% Hotel Tax to Help Preserve City Services.

Updated: Jul 26, 2020


Your YES vote ensures that tourists pay their fair share in maintaining city services, programs,

and buildings. Residents do not pay for this tax increase. It is paid entirely by tourists staying in

hotels and motels. Your city council unanimously placed this measure on the ballot.

Tourists come here for our natural beauty and history. Visitors use city buildings, streets, parks,

services, and water. It is right that visitors help pay for our valued public services and facilities

used by all.

Without this small increase, the budget must be balanced by major cuts to public safety, traffic

management, parks, forestry, and housing programs. The popular Neighborhood and Community

Improvement Program will be in jeopardy. Past projects include the Emergency Operations

Center, Parks and Sports Center upgrades, storm drains, Library kitchen, sidewalks, traffic

improvements, and fire fuel reduction. Let’s continue to fund these vital programs.

This minimum increase paid for by hotel guests also can be used for ongoing improvements and

upgrades to our city buildings along with roads, greenbelts, sidewalks, and affordable housing.

The hotel tax increase benefits tourists as well. Monterey has the lowest hotel tax of any city on

the peninsula, well-below other California tourist areas which are 12% to 14% and more. This

tax hasn’t been raised in 35 years.

Monterey is a beautiful place to live, work, and visit with outstanding services. To preserve this

special quality of life, please vote YES to maintain our long-term financial stability.

Your YES vote makes sure tourists take care of Monterey with us.

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