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  • Alan Haffa

Monterey City Council Will Consider Cannabis Businesses

In 20

16 I voted against the council majority when Monterey prohibited cannabis businesses in the city despite state voters and 69.5% of Monterey residents voting in support of legalization. Over the last three years we have seen neighboring cities take advantage of this opportunity to open dispensaries that serve the medical needs of their city, create jobs, and produce revenue for the city. Del Rey Oaks, Seaside, Carmel and now Marina have all permitted cannabis businesses. Given the devastating effects of Covid 19 on our economy, which has revealed how dependent Monterey is on hospitality, the need to diversify our economy is apparent. Other cities are making hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue that Monterey is missing out on. And our residents who need medical cannabis for back pain, MS, cancer and other diseases, cannot even have their medicine delivered to their home legally in Monterey. I am thankful that the council agreed 4-1 last night to reconsider our ban on cannabis businesses. This issue will now be agendized for a future council meeting and I encourage you to write or call in during the meeting to let council know how you feel.

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