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Rallying against Cluster Bombs with Veterans for Peace

Alan Haffa with Monterey Peace Center protestors against cluster bombs.
I am proud to stand with three strong women activists for peace: Arlene Haffa, Macgregor Eddy, and Sydney Ramsden-Scott.

Veterans for Peace and Monterey Peace Coalition held a rally at Windows on the Bay July 14 protesting the use of cluster bombs and I was proud to stand with them for peace. Specifically, they are asking that the United States not include cluster bombs in the aid package to Ukraine.

Phil Butler and Alan Haffa protesting for peace.
Alan Haffa with Phil Butler and Veterans for Peace

Cluster bombs have been banned by over 100 countries because of the danger they pose to civilians, often long after the conflict is over. Cluster bombs drop clusters of many bombs and often they do not all detonate. They can get buried and then detonate much later when a civilian unknowingly encounters them. Children in particular are often the victims of these undetonated bombs. The Cluster Munitions Convention (2008) bans the use, production, transfer, and stockpile of the weapons. It also includes a provision to clear the unexploded bomblets post-deployment. The US, Russia and Ukraine have not signed the agreement.

While I support the people of Ukraine in their struggle to liberate their country from the unjustified and illegal invasion by Russia, we should be providing them with the means to do so that do not violate international norms, laws, and human rights.

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