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Thankful As We Celebrate the Fourth of July

It was wonderful to see so many Monterey residents show up for the Fourth of July parade and music on the lawn. It was fun to ride in the historic fire truck from 1916 and see so many friends. Thank you to the Old Monterey Business Association for sponsoring and for all the city staff who worked to make today a success.

4th of July in Monterey
Monterey Councilmember Alan Haffa waves on Fourth of July

Councilmembers had an opportunity to share their thoughts before the festivities and here were my words:

"On this Fourth of July, a day We the People honor and thank veterans past and present who fought for our freedom and liberty, it is proper to give thanks. We give thanks for our freedoms. The freedom to assemble, like we are now gathered here. The freedom of speech and of the press. The freedom to protest and to petition our government. These and so many other freedoms make us proud to be Americans.

Fourth of July is also a good day to remember that freedom must be renewed every generation. It is our responsibility to stay informed about the issues facing our communities, voice our concerns, and of course, vote! If you are not registered, please register, and please vote in every election.

Our democracy thrives when We The People are active participants in our democracy.

Happy 4th of July. May all Americans enjoy peace and prosperity."

4th of July in Monterey
Monterey City Council riding on antique firetruck for Fourth of July parade.

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