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What I did For the City

About my Record as Councilmember

As the only candidate in the race who has been elected to public office, I have had to make many tough decisions and I have a record of accomplishments. My record reflects a leadership style that is fact-based, community focused, and consensus building. I have never tried to play two sides of an issue because I was afraid to take a stand; no matter how I have voted, I have always voted for what I thought was best for the public and the city.


I listen to the community, and community feedback always informs my vote. And I have a record of working with diverse stakeholders to help our city come together and find common ground.

Alan Haffa wins award for Democrat of the Year 2019

I am proud of my record and what I have done for the city of Monterey. Below are some highlights.


Economic Development

- Supported renovation of Monterey Conference Center, the economic engine for District 5, and made sure hotels paid for it rather than residents. - Revitalized Monterey’s downtown after the Great Recession, supporting a downtown plan that incentivized mixed-use housing and street side dining, as well as restoration of Cooper Molera. - Led the effort to legalize cannabis dispensaries in Monterey, with funds being directed to rental assistance and housing support programs. - Supported local Monterey fishermen with a Sustainable Monterey Fishery plan so that our fishing rights are preserved in the local community. - Led the effort to pass Measures P and S to improve our roads, and supported smart traffic signals to improve flow of traffic.


Campaign Reform

- Approved Campaign Finance law that limits individual donations to $500 and a sign ordinance banning signs on public property; prior to this ordinance, political lobbyists could give unlimited donations to city council candidates.


Public Safety

- Supported Monterey's adoption of police policies recommended by President Obama’s Public Safety Task Force as well as a Community Policing model that encourages positive interaction between police and community. - Supported the addition of two traffic enforcement officers. - Supported improved fire department response times by acquiring Airport Fire House.


Covid 19 Response

- Supported funding Emergency Housing Assistance to help people unable to pay rent due to Covid 19. 

- Supported funding for local small businesses who didn't qualify for federal assistance in order to help keep Monterey's businesses open.



- Voted to acquire 100 acres of pristine land at the Old Capitol site and preserve it as parks and open space. - Preserved land near Ryan Ranch as a disc golf course for recreation. - Supported use of neighborhood improvement funds to build a basketball court near San Carlos Beach and a soccer field in Laguna Grande park. - Directed money to improve access to Lower Presidio Park.



- Voted for Monterey's ban on plastic bags, straws, and utensils. - Signed the ballot measure, Measure Z, to ban fracking in Monterey County. - Helped establish Monterey Bay Community Power, which delivers 100% Carbon-free energy to our city. - Supported installation of city EV charging stations and solar.


Community Services

- Supported program to reduce homelessness and drug addiction in Monterey County, serving as a board member for Community Human Services. - Directed funds to provide food for Seniors, homeless assistance for women, families, and addiction counseling. - Funded renovation of condominiums at Fort Ord for homeless veterans.



- Supported the development of city property on Van Buren to build 18 affordable units for senior citizens. - Supported the renovation of Monterey Hotel on Alvarado to build 18 affordable units. - Supported rezoning on Garden Road and in downtown to encourage new housing.

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