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  • Alan Haffa

Celebrating Pride in Monterey

Monterey Councilmember at Monterey Pride
Councilmember Alan Haffa at Monterey Pride

It was great to see such a good turn-out for Monterey Pride! It feels good to live in a community that embraces and celebrates people of all lifestyles and identities. We have come a long way but still have a long way to go in order to ensure that all our people are free to live their lives in peace and in the open.

I have so many friends who are in the LGBTQ+ community who are happily married today, and it wasn't that long ago when such a basic freedom was denied to them. In 2008 California passed a ballot measure that made such marriages illegal; at the time, I was devastated that my state would deny fellow citizens such a basic right. The government should not be stepping into people's bedrooms and telling them who they may love or marry. Fortunately, the courts have overturned such inhumane laws like Prop 8, but to fully protect the families and relationships of LGBTQ+ people we need legislation to guarantee these rights. The state legislature has proposed a new ballot initiative to set right the injustice of Prop 8. We will have the opportunity to guarantee the legal status of LGBTQ+ marriages and families on the November 2024 ballot. This new ballot measure, ACA 5, would amend the state constitution and recognize marriage as a fundamental right. I hope you'll support ACA 5 so we can protect all the marriages and families of our LGBTQ+ friends.

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