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  • Alan Haffa

Monterey City Council Candidates' Debate The Issues

Thank you to the Monterey Vista and Old Town Neighborhood Associations for hosting this informative candidates' forum. You can listen to the candidates at this link address the following issues:

Climate Change Adaptation

Affordable Housing

Covid 19 Response

Measure Y--the hotel tax to fund city services


Neighborhood and Community Improvement Program

Parks and the Old Capital Site

Monterey High School Football Field Field

After watching the forum, it is so clear that in these uncertain and challenging times we need the proven experience that the current council offers and I am even more proud to be endorsed by my colleagues on the council, Mayor Clyde Roberson, Dan Albert Jr., and Tyller Williamson. As Dan Albert Jr. said, we are "part of an effective team" and that is how you get things done. Mayor Clyde Roberson noted in his closing statement how the City of Monterey city council listens to each other and the community and together we find solutions that work to keep Monterey safe, solvent, and scenic. We don't always agree with each other and you may not always agree with us, but we are all working for the good of the whole city, neighbors, workers and businesses and we are getting things done.

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