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Monterey Councilmember, Alan Haffa, Supports Funding for Small Business Development.

Last night the Monterey City Council voted to contribute $10,000 to the Monterey County Business Council (MCBC) to establish a Small Business Development satellite office in Monterey. The MCBC needed help from the city of Monterey to match a federal grant of $400,000. Over the last 12 months, the Small Business Development Center has assisted 839 businesses in Monterey County.

Councilmember, Dr. Alan Haffa, praised the effort to assist small businesses in Monterey County: "Small businesses create jobs and provide a pathway to the middle class. I am pleased that the city of Monterey will host a small business development center to assist entrepreneurs with their business plans, human resources, and accessing capital."

Businesses in neighboring jurisdictions like Pacific Grove and Carmel will also be able to take advantage of Monterey's satellite business center.

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