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Monterey Mayor Clyde Roberson Endorses Alan Haffa

I am proud to receive the endorsement of Monterey Mayor Clyde Roberson for Monterey City Council. I've worked with Mayor Clyde since 2014 on the city council and appreciate his collaborative style. On numerous occassions we have been able to craft policies that respond to the diverse concerns of our residents. Monterey has a caring council that is getting things done under Mayor Clyde's leadership.

In endorsing me, Mayor Clyde says: "As an MPC professor and MPUSD board member, Alan showed his passion for helping people.  As a council member, he has championed services for the homeless and others in need as well as affordable housing."

In this photo Mayor Clyde and I are at the Van Buren Street affordable Senior housing project. This project was built in partnership with Mid-Pen Housing with the city contributing land. Now there are 18 low income units that are very attractive and comfortable for low income Monterey Senior citizens. This is a model for what the city can do to provide 100% affordable housing by redeveloping under used city property and partnering with non-profit developers. By building affordable housing we not only help those in need but we prevent homelessness by giving people an affordable housing option.

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