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  • Alan Haffa

Public Water Now Endorses Haffa for Monterey City Council.

I'm proud to announce that Public Water Now (PWN) has endorsed my campaign for Monterey city council. It was an honor to be one of the ballot signers for Measure O in 2014 and Measure J in 2018, in support of public ownership of our local water supply. I support public ownership of water because water is a basic human need and human right; something that is necessary for life should not be controlled by a corporate monopoly. California American is a for-profit corporation that has no competition. As a result, our water supply is subject to the profit motives of Cal-Am. Consequently, the Monterey Peninsula has the most expensive water in the country. Public ownership will mean we the People control our water supply and our water rates. A public agency is more responsive to the public because we elect our representatives and can hold them accountable. They also must be transparent about decision-making and sharing information and must allow for public participation. Thank you to Public Water Now for the work you do on behalf of Monterey Peninsula ratepayers.

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