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Richard Snyder, Ph.D., Endorses Alan Haffa for Monterey County Supervisor

I am so appreciative of the grass roots community support my campaign is receiving. This endorsement was sent to me by Richard Snyder, Ph.D., Director of Life and Death Matters, and formerly Visiting Associate Professor at Naval Postgraduate School and Director of Communications Program, Walter A. Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley.

"I believe Alan Haffa will be a terrific Monterey County Supervisor. There are several things to consider in your decision to support him.

He is a person of high integrity and intelligence. Witness this: leader in higher education; Eagle Scout; Monterey City Council; and family man. He works well with those on all sides of the political spectrum. Witness Alan Haffa's leadership on housing-related issues, where he coordinated effectively with churches, nonprofit and county government leaders, and those in he city government and other elected officials. It is not every day that we have an opportunity to elect a highly experienced leader, with decades living and working on the Monterey Peninsula, who has helped more than a generation of MPC students learn to understand multiple sides of important issues."

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